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Group Accommodation

Are you looking for summer group accommodation and/or facilities for a sports team, conference, school excursion, music/theatre group or residential course? Fettes the Venue manages group accommodation during July and August at Fettes College.



Fettes the Venue offers a mixture of traditional and modern boarding houses located within the grounds of Fettes College. Our campus offers various styles of standard accommodation, each with differing levels of occupancy ranging from 30 to 50 beds. Facilities hire may be available.

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Fettes the Venue is delighted to be able to offer Craigleith House as its flagship facility for group accommodation. Craigleith House is available to groups during July and August each year for a minimum 5 nights stay. Facilities hire may be available.

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Meals & dining

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Continental breakfasts and three course lunches and dinners prepared by our very own in-house chefs are served in the Fettes College dining hall. We understand that our guests may have a busy schedule during their stay, so a packed lunch or dinner can be provided if guests are unable to attend meal times. At the time of booking, all dietary requirements will be discussed and specific meals can be arranged.